3 Problems with Event Booking Sites

Posted by The Bash on October 15, 2014

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A little self-reflection can go a long way when it comes to successfully running your business. For us, this means zeroing in on some of the biggest issues professionals find with event booking sites. Here’s a look at the top three problems you may have experienced:

1. It’s too much work! There’s no real way to improve my odds of getting the gig over my competition.

Trust us, we understand how competitive your industry is. That’s why we’re constantly rolling out articles over on our The Bash Blog to help educate our members on new and improved site features, industry trends, and best practices for business owners of all sizes. By pairing in-depth knowledge with insider tips, we’re actively equipping our members with the tools needed to beat out their competition and book the gig.

2. Clients always want to book the person with the most positive reviews, and I’m pretty sure most vendors on these sites post phony ones.

You’re absolutely right in thinking clients are drawn to those vendors with the best customer feedback, which is why we take our review system so seriously. With a strict policy in place that allows only real clients with verified bookings through The Bash to post reviews, we’re able to prevent members from stacking their profiles with fake or embellished reviews.

3. How is it even possible to get found and booked on a site where I’m up against thousands of other professionals?

Don’t let the number of members on our site intimidate you! We’re constantly devising innovative ways to ensure newcomers to the site maximum exposure. Take our auto-lead generator— with this interactive feature, you’ll get instant access to leads that match your profile criteria (all without the client ever having to directly request you.) We also work one-on-one with clients to recommend additional vendors for any given event. In other words, we work on your behalf to sell your services to party planners who might not have otherwise been aware of your business. That’s about as hands on as any nationwide event booking site can get! Over 30,000 other professionals have taken the plunge.

Feel free to share your concerns with us at info@thebash.com and receive a personal response from one of our Account Specialists!

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