4th of July Video and Photo of the Day

Posted by Peter G on July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! Here’s a random video below by the Las Vegas-based House of DON Productions, a.k.a. Wedding DJ Plus. Their timely video “4th of July," is like LMFAO meets The Blue Man Group (with a white and red man).


And if you go north and up the west coast, you'll find the Hanson Family Singers from Eugene, Oregon. This gem is one of our featured photos our Member Photo Gallery on Facebook (an eclectic collection of bands, comedians, caricaturists, belly dancers and more). With their patriotic matching outfits, the Hanson's sure are Fourth of July-ready!

And let’s not forget Elvis Himselvis, who’s very proud to be American, as you can see in his sixth press photo here. If you have a cool photo of your act, don't be shy -- share it in the comments below!

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