5-Star Gig Tip: Customize Every Price Quote

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 18, 2012

Today marks the first in a series of posts where we ask some of our top members to share the secrets of their success on GigMasters. We start things off with a simple but very effective tip aboutsubmitting price quotes.

Gospel Singer Valerie Dawkins (Washington, DC) just joined GigMasters this year and has quickly amassed 21 bookings and a 5-star rating, going from the new member on the block to the top spot in many of her key categories. The secret to her success: she treats every client like the most important person in the world. This starts with sending every client a personalized message.

Valerie’s communication strategy makes a great first impression to clients who otherwise only know her from her Profile. Here's why Valerie thinks a custom response to a lead is worth a little extra effort:

Valerie Dawkins
“I always customize my message to every individual client. While a portion of my response is standard, there are always a few sentences that are tailored to [the specific request]. I will usually make a statement that celebrates (as in a wedding) or affirms (as in throwing a birthday party) their plans. For a funeral, I am always offering my condolences and words of comfort. I do this whether I am able to offer a quote or not. The reason is, first, because every potential client is a human being who has invited me to share in a part of their lives that — while it may just be a ”gig” for me – is important for them. So I respect that and don’t take it lightly that I am being given an opportunity to enhance their life, if only for a moment. The second reason is that each client, each event, is different and special, and should be given personal attention. I just always approach what I do with the understanding that I am here to serve, and believe that a personal touch goes a long way!”

Personal touch absolutely does go a long, long way. No one is suggesting you rewrite a response from scratch for every lead, but tailoring even just a few lines shows that you cared enough to read the client’s request closely. It also implies that you understand that the event is important and unique and that you’ll do everything you can to make it special.


And speaking of making it special, we just had to share a few more thoughts from Valerie.

"I think it's really important to approach every event as an opportunity to serve. Yes, performers are trying to make a living, but for the client this is not about business, it's about their life. Their event is just another performance for us, but for the client it means so much more. I am truly honored and humbled every time I am entrusted with the responsibility to create the experience they desire. It's important to listen to the client and look for ways to exceed their expectations. But it's really the intangible "something" that comes from being genuinely service-oriented."

Her attitude is truly commendable and it's no wonder she's on her way to the top. Congrats Valerie and thanks for the great tips!

Check out Washington DC Gospel Singer Valerie Dawkins on GigMasters.

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