5-Star Gig Tip: Plan Ahead but Expect the Unexpected

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 9, 2012

5-Star GigMasters DJ SOUNDBAR Entertainment (Hackensack, NJ) is becoming an Inside the Gig regular. In his last post, Putting Together Your Event Game Plan, Soundbar’s Dave Pellot talked to us about the work that entertainers and vendors should be putting in before every event to make sure that each gig is a home run.

Many of those tips were about collaborating with clients as much as possible. It’s important to ask questions and really listen to what your clients want. These are the people paying you (and reviewing you after the event). You’re the expert but the client is the client. You should be working together as a team to plan an amazing event.

Check out this great quote from Dave’s Game Plan post. He was writing about DJs but really there are lessons here for all event pros:

DJ SoundbarDJs have evolved over the years from just playing music to becoming complete “event directors,” setting the stage and acting as hosts for the entire scope of activities during an event. As such, professional DJs have so much more to offer clients that ever before.

With so much more responsibility and expectations riding on them, DJs need to need to fully plan and prepare in order to ensure a successful event.


Of course you can’t plan for everything. As we all know, anything and everything can happen at an event - both good and bad. Here’s an example of one of those nice surprises from a recent Soundbar gig:

No matter what you agree on beforehand, be prepared for anything. [One recent] wedding couple was on the conservative side when it came to their music selections - including zero line dances. Halfway through the event we started getting requests for some unexpected genres, including Merengue! When we started playing these requests, the guests went crazy and kept coming to us to say what a wonderful time they were having. The couple even looked for us at the end of the night to specifically let us know that they had the time of their lives.

With hosts and guests, you never know what to expect; so sometimes you just need to go with the flow and see what happens!


Thanks for the tips Dave. Check out SOUNDBAR Entertainment on GigMasters and the rest of our 5-star Gig Tips series to see what your fellow members are saying are the keys to success on GigMasters.


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