After Your Set

Posted by GigMasters on April 28, 2011

Some performers finish their set, pack up their stuff and rush out the door. But if you are making a b-line for your car right after the gig, you aren't taking full advantage of a great opportunity for future bookings and fans!

Who Are You?

You have to let the crowd know who you are and how to get in touch. Before you end your set and leave the stage you should always remind them who you are. I’ve been to many venues and parties where the performers leave and I don’t even know their name. This means even if I loved the band I wouldn't know how to find them or book them.

Don't be shy. At the end of a set, thank the crowd and give them your website or GigMasters address or ask them to ‘like’ you on Facebook. You never know who might be in the audience. If you really rocked that night you could be looking at some future bookings. If you have any merchandise for sale, let the crowd know where they can find it. Just think of all those fans that could be wearing shirts with your band's name on it. Free advertising!

Be Available

After you leave the stage and start packing up, make sure you are approachable. Don’t be unreceptive or shut off to the crowd. Be there to answer questions or just to chat.

When you do get a fan that clearly fell in love with your performance, don’t pawn them off to your manager. They saw you perform on stage and they want to speak with you, not your manager or booking agent. Thank them for any kind words. Tell them you look forward to see them at your next show. These fans are the ones that will buy your CDs and merchandise and will tell their friends about you. On the other hand if you are rude or cold to them, that's what they will tell people about, not your great set.

Just be nice.

Contact the Booker

It's not always easy to find a venue's booking agent or owner right after a set but it's always worth a try. If you are playing at a party make sure to find the host. Thank them for letting you be a part of their special occasion. Give them your card or just your contact information in case they want to hire you again or if someone else at the party inquires about you.

Get Feedback

While you are speaking to the host, remind them that GigMasters will be sending a feedback request. Politely ask that they take a moment to fill out and submit the form.Giving clients this heads up makes it much more likely that they will look for and fill out the feedback request. And you are more likely to get good, rating-improving feedback.

Stay Professional

Remember no matter how comfortable you are at the event, always stay professional. You have to figure out how to be laid back and personable without coming off like an amateur. The client should feel comfortable around you but you don’t want to cross any boundaries.

In summary: a little extra effort will go a long way after the set. You also might get a free drink or two out of it!

What do you do after the set? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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