All That Jazz (Advice)

Posted by Peter G on October 19, 2012


jazz band

GigMasters' party planning expert, Nicole Steeger, recently wrote a great post called “How to Hire a Jazz Band.” It’s directed towards clients (people looking for entertainment), but it contains some important and useful advice for performers as well. It always helps to put yourself in the client's shoes to be more prepared for your gigs.

Hop on over to our Life of the Party blog to read this post, featuring insightful quotes from these top-rated GigMasters members:

B.D. Lenz
Jazz Survivors
Renee Rojanaro
Suzan Brooks - The Jazz Generation

This blog is not a one way street -- we know that you’re the real experts on gigging. Please share any advice that you may have in the comments below. If you're in a Jazz Band or a solo musician, join GigMasters and start booking gigs today!

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