Quick Tip: Keep Your Profile Short & Sweet by Always Displaying Your Best Five Reviews

Posted by Drew Stoga on November 21, 2012

5 starsWe've been paying close attention to your feedback since launching our new profiles. We've heard from a number of members who are concerned that their profiles run too long. If you're sick of scrolling and want to tighten up your profile, we have a suggestion: pick your five best client reviews to always display on your profile.

Technically speaking, all of your reviews live on your profile but you can choose which reviews always display and which can only be seen when the “Show More” button is clicked (you also control the sequence in which your reviews appear).

You've worked hard to earn your reviews and, while you are free to always display as many of them as you wish, it might be a good idea to limit yourself to the top five in order to keep your profile short and sweet.

Either way, here's how you can control which reviews always display on your profile:

1. Log into your Control Panel
2. Go to the 'profile' tab
3. Click the "Edit" link for 'Reviews'
4. In the 'Always Display on Profile' column, check the boxes for the reviews that you'd like to always appear on your profile (and uncheck those you'd like to appear below the "Show More" button)
5. Click "Update"


Keep in mind this is a little different than how we used to do things. On the old profile, you had to select reviews to appear on the front page of your profile and the rest were relegated to a separate review page. We streamlined things by dropping the extra page. You might want to adjust your new profile accordingly.

Any more profile comments/suggestions? Please fill out our survey to let us know!

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