Announcing the 2011 Rising Star Awards

Posted by Drew Stoga on January 25, 2012

Rising Star Award

It's award season once again at GigMasters HQ. No, we're not talking about who wore it best at the Golden Globes, we're talking about the GigMasters Rising Star Awards. These awards goes out every year to our top-earning members. It's a way for us to recognize those members who are booking the most events through GigMasters and it gives our loyal members something to work towards.

This year the Rising Stars were awarded to our top earning members in 125 performer and vendor categories. We've also added six new event categories to honor the entertainers who have booked the most weddings, corporate events and children's parties - three of our most popular event types.

Another exciting change this year - we have given the awards a new, improved look. We like the new design (see above) so much that we have even retroactively changed it on the Profiles of winners from past years.

And the Winners Are...

Drum roll please...for a complete list of winners of the 2011 Rising Star Awards please visit:

Further Reading

Want to learn more about the Rising Star Awards? Check out today's press release, a portion of which is below:

Event entertainment booking service today revealed its fifth annual ‘Rising Star Award’ winners for 2011. The award recognizes the nation’s top-earning entertainers in over 125 performer and vendor categories. Six new event-based award categories were added this year to recognize the performers who booked the most weddings, children’s parties and corporate events in 2011.

“The Rising Star Award is GigMasters’ highest honor and our way of recognizing our finest party entertainers,” said GigMasters’ VP of Marketing, Marissa Latshaw. “It’s a real point of pride among our members and a testament to their hard work, talent, and professionalism.”

What the Winners Are Saying…

"GigMasters has completely changed the rules and the game for entertainers looking to make a career of their art form. Bravo GigMasters!" – Matthew Cutillo, 2011 Top Acoustic Guitarist

“This award has brought a smile to my face which allows me to pass on a smile to ALL of my wonderful clients. What GigMasters does behind the scenes to make thousands of customers happy…now that’s juggling!” – Lou Johnson, 2011 Top Juggler

“I consider it a real honor to be chosen as the GigMasters Rising Star Award Winner for 2011 Top Comedian. My relationship with GigMasters has been great from the very beginning – financially rewarding and mutually satisfying on every level – unlike my marriage!” – Johnny Lampert, 2011 Top Comedian

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