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Posted by Peter G on March 8, 2013

Better SEOIt’s no secret that Google is the best way to get found these days. But if you don't rank well in search results, you'll never get any leads. That’s why GigMasters takes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) very seriously. Here are some fun facts...

  • On Google, the first search result gets clicked 4 times more than the fourth position.
  • People click on organic results 94% of the time vs. 6% for paid ad results.
  • 70% of GigMasters traffic came from search engines last year.

We've built GigMasters.com in a way that drives traffic based on category and location combinations. We spend a lot of time making sure that our members' categories rank high in cities and small towns throughout the U.S. and Canada. Because people are often searching for a category and a location, it's important to list services that reflect what you do and how people will search for you.

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Between social media, link building, Pay Per Click, keyword research -- there are many factors involved in having great SEO. It really is the combination of many things that bring us over 30,000 visitors to our site every day. We’re constantly improving our system to better connect you to clients.

"We’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing SEO for the last 16 years. Let us put it to work for you." - Michael Caldwell, Co-Founder
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