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Posted by Drew Stoga on July 13, 2011


“Fans are the only thing that counts”

– Bob Baker, Author Guerilla Music Marketing Online

Bob Baker is a noted author, musician and teacher who has devoted his career to helping independent musicians further their careers. He’s published a handful of books, dozens of reports and numerous blog posts all with the goal of teaching musicians how to market themselves and increase their exposure without the help of major record labels.

Bob recently released his latest book “Guerilla Music Marketing Online.” It first came to our attention because he was kind enough to mention GigMasters in chapter five: “Powerful Music-Specific Sites & Online Services You Need to Know About.” While we were flattered to be included along with powerhouse music sites like Pandora and SoundCloud, what really got us excited was the wealth of knowledge that the book offers to musicians of all kinds.

The book gives concrete steps to help musicians set up and extend their online presence. He gives real-world, practical advice, not pie in the sky promises of stardom. For example, when explaining how to set up an artist website, he suggests you “register a memorable domain name” and “make digital images available on your web site.” Then he explains exactly how to do so. Technophobes needn't worry - Bob makes it easy.

“Your main focus should be to attract your ideal listener and turn them into fans, then nurture your relationships with a growing number of them.”

Writing a book about the ever-changing landscape of the internet is a tricky thing but the book is surprisingly up to date with the latest industry stats and trends as well as reports on the best recent startups. His advice is all about growing your fanbase one fan at a time, one strategy at a time.

Bob clearly gets that while the future of music is directly tied in with the web, many musicians are either intimidated or misinformed about how to best approach online promotion. His advice is clear, direct and realistic. He tells readers not to bite off more than they can chew. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are sustainable music careers.

“No other factor will influence your level of success like a large and enthusiastic fan base.”

As I hope these quotes indicate, Bob is passionate that it’s all about the fans. His book does not tell you how to make your music – that part is up to you. Guerilla Music Marketing Online is all about offering tips on how to get your music to as many people as possible.

If you want any more of Bob's helpful advice, you are going to have to buy the book.


Follow Bob on Twitter @MrBuzzFactor and visit his blog at Get the book here:

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