Video: Cellist Sharon Gerber's Feel Good Story

Posted by Peter G on March 6, 2013

Last month, when we announced our Rising Star awards, we received some great feedback from our members. One testimonial, in particular, that stood out was from cellist Sharon Gerber. In this short video, she shares her heartfelt story about how she found GigMasters. It also features her performing a Coldplay song, cello-style!

Thank you, Sharon! Here's her GigMasters testimonial in text form:

"I'm a clasically trained cellist. I've been playing most of my life and have been gigging with a string quartet ever since I was about thirteen years old. About a year ago, my life completely changed and I suddenly found myself a single mom facing the reality of needing to support my three children alone. I was playing in a coffee shop on night and a pianist came up to me and told me about Gigmasters. He told me about his good experiences with Gigmasters and encouraged me to try it out. So I went home and checked out the website, and here I am about 10 months and 30-some bookings later thanking God and thanking Gigmasters for the Rising Star Award!

It has been an amazing year of gigging for me. Not only have I been able to support my children, but I've been able to really grow musically. As I've taken my music in a new direction, Gigmasters has given me the opportunity to bring my music into all kinds of real-life settings where I get to interact directly with my listeners during some of the most special moments in their lives. I think my favorite part is just being able to feel and see their responses up close as I try my best to speak directly to their hearts with my music.

So thank you, Gigmasters for an incredible year of joy in sharing my music with people who wouldn't have otherwise known how to find me. Thank you for giving me a place to share what I love to do and for making it so good for all of us. I can hardly with to see where another year with Gigmasters will take me, and what it will bring my way!"

Sharon Gerber, cellist

For more info or to book Sharon, visit her GigMasters profile page here.

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