Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Star Ratings But Forgot to Ask

Posted by Drew Stoga on January 13, 2012

Members of The Bash fall into one of two camps: Those that are working their way up to a five star rating and those working hard to maintain one. Chances are you probably already know that your star rating is based on feedback from your clients on The Bash. I'll say that again - your star rating is based solely on client reviews!

Now that we've (hopefully) cleared that up...on to the next question: How do we calculate your star rating?

After every gig, we send your clients a feedback form where we ask them to rate you (from 1 to 5) in five key areas:

Overall Satisfaction



Overall Talent*

Recommend to Others?

*The 'Overall Talent' field is removed for clients rating our transportation members since it does not apply

Every day we recalculate your rating by totaling up your scores in each of the above areas and finding your average score. This translates to your star rating.

In order to better help you understand your rating, we've created a handy Control Panel page aptly named the 'Star Rating Analyzer.' You'll find it in your 'tools' tab. This page will tell you exactly where you stand and what you need to work on with clients.

This page is also useful in that it lets you brag about your rating to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Next time your rating goes up, why not tell the world? After all, it only takes one great review to push that rating up!


Still a little confused about the star rating system? Feel free to contact us or go ahead and ask your question right here in the comment section.

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