Exploring Tumblr - 10 Musicians to Check Out on Tumblr

Posted by Drew Stoga on May 7, 2012

tumblr_logoWith 54 million blogs and counting, chances are you've at least heard of Tumblr. Their catchy tagline, "Follow the world's creators" is certainly intriguing. If you're anything like me, you probably think of yourself as a creative person and certainly you want to promote your artistic side. So does that mean that Tumblr is the place to be for entertainers and musicians? Can the site help you reach more fans? We set out to answer these questions and more.

But first, a little background...

So, What is Tumblr Anyway?

Here's the deal: Tumblr is a "microblogging and social networking platform." In English this means that Tumblr makes it easy to create and update your very own blog. Beyond the typical blog format (you write a blog post and maybe someone leaves a comment or two) Tumbr also lets you share other users' content, not unlike the Twitter 'RT.' That's the social networking side of the site.

Tumblr blogs are highly customizeable, to the point that a Tumbr can look and act as a full-fledged website. It's easy to post photos, videos and audio (via Spotify or SoundCloud) plus, of course, you can write whatever you like. It is a blog after all.

So, What Should I Tumbl About?

Worried you don't have enough to share with the world? In many ways, Tumblr is the anti-blog. Many (most?) Tumblr posts are simply a photo - maybe with a brief caption, maybe not.

Take a quick video with your iPhone at your next show and slap it on Tumblr. Write about what's happening in the studio or the tour van. It's just another way to let fans and friends into your world.

Still need some inspiration? Check out these 10 musicians with great Tumblr accounts:


5 You Might Know

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros http://edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.tumblr.com/ Simple but cool layout and background with updates from the road.

Snoop Dogg http://snoopdogg.tumblr.com/ Obviously Snoop is going to provide an entertaining follow.

Beyonce http://iam.beyonce.com/ One of the coolest designs you are going to see on Tumblr.

Reggie Watts http://situationist.tumblr.com Wildly talented comedian/musician/all-around awesome wierdo uses Tumblr to share, well, everything.

Beastie Boys http://blog.beastieboys.com/ The Beasties have always put their creative personalities into everything they do, so why would their Tumblr be any different?

Note: Since starting this post the world lost Beastie Boy MCA aka Adam Yauch much too early. Our thoughts are with the group and Adam's family.


5 You Might Not

Jenny Owen Youngs http://jennyowenyoungs.tumblr.com/ Up and comer Jenny lets her followers right into her world.

Michael Shoup http://michaelshoup.com/ A very cool Tumblr-website integration.

Allison Weiss http://allisonweiss.net/ Another example of using Tumbr for a deep website integration.

Jonathan Diener (The Swellers) http://jonathandiener.tumblr.com/ An interesting guy who clearly takes his Tumblr duties very seriously. It seems like he is constantly updating this thing.

The Maine http://themaineband.tumblr.com/ An inside look at the life of a band, plus lots of video, which we love.


Feeling inspired? Feeling courageous? Feel like sharing? If you join Tumblr, or are already on Tumblr, we want to know about it. Leave a comment with your Tumblr URL and we'll stop by to say hi!


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