Exploring Your Control Panel – Part 3: Bidding

Posted by Drew Stoga on February 8, 2012

Last time on Exploring Your Control Panel, we discussed the Leads page. This is where we deliver and store all of your GigMasters leads, so it’s definitely a page you should get familiar with.

Another page you need to get used to is the all-important Bid Page. That’s where you reply to actual, individual gig requests. The information you plug into this page will be emailed directly to your prospective client, so yeah - it's important.

If you choose to bid on a gig (as opposed to declining) the page looks something like this, only less blurred:

Bid PageOn the upper left of the page you have the specifics of the gig request like the gig ID # as well as event date, time, duration, location and more. These are all essential things to consider when replying to a gig request. For some tips on the role that all these details should play in your bidding, we highly recommend reading this post: The Price is Right – A Guide to Event Entertainment Pricing.

On the upper right of the page you have your client details, or rather, you will have your client details. It’s not until after you bid that we reveal the client’s full name (you’ll have their first name right away so that you can personalize your bid) plus email and phone number. That’s because for record-keeping purposes, we need to save the details of your bid in our system. Plus it’s in your interest to route the gig through GigMasters and get credit towards your ranking and rating - but you already knew that.

One more thing that you don't want to overlook. At the bottom of the bid, you'll see a note from us telling you how many other GigMasters members have received the same lead. If they've already responded, we'll tell you that too. Sometimes you'll be the only one on the gig, other times multiple members will have gotten the same request. It's just one more thing to factor into your bid. Speaking of which...

Now, to the specifics of your bid…

There are a number of fields that you are required to fill-in: Performance Rate, Payment Due Date, Number of Performers, Personal Message and Contact Info. Most of these are pretty straight forward (and again, they’re all addressed in our Entertainment Pricing post) but pay special attention to your Personal Message. This is where you get to really sell yourself. You are a lot more than just a price quote - you are a personality and a performer – embrace it! Tell the client what you can do and why you are perfect for their event. Be polite, be respectful, just don’t be shy and don't be afraid to use a little flair (and don’t forget to Spell Check)!

One helpful trick is storing and using saved responses. Of course you’ll always want to personalize them to each request, but once you find a few responses that work, re-using them can save you a lot of time.

A few other things to note: You can specify an extra travel/lodging charge and you can always request a deposit – which we recommend (read why). You can specify how many performers you'll be sending and add some set breaks to catch your breath. It’s always good to get this stuff in writing as early as possible. Most reasonable clients will be happy to let you take a break but it is best if they know it is going to happen up front.

In fact, that's a good rule of thumb for bidding in general. It’s your chance to let the client know exactly what you can do, what it will cost them and how it’s going to work. The more clearly you state your case and explain your fees, the better off you will be.

Happy bidding!


Any questions about bidding? Email them to info@gigmasters.com and let us know! Or just leave a comment!


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