Exploring Your Control Panel Pt. 4 – Profile

Posted by The Bash on February 16, 2012

Building an organized, client-friendly Profile is integral to your success on The Bash. The best thing you can do to help yourself get leads is to take good care of your Profile. It’s the first thing new members should do and all you vets out there should be sure to give your Profile a tune up from time to time as well. Don’t rush yourself either - make sure it’s ready for prime time!

We’ve already touched on a few of the secrets to a great Profile but today we’ll be walking you through the Profile tab of your Control Panel and giving you the tools you need to optimize your Profile.

Here’s what the Profile tab looks like:

Profile tabAnd here are the features of the Profile tab:

Star Rating Analyzer

Your star rating shouldn’t be a mystery. We want you to know exactly how we arrived at your rating. That’s what the Star Rating Analyzer is all about. Learn more in this helpful rating post.

Edit (Profile) URL

Did you know that The Bash let’s you edit your Profile’s URL (web address)? Every Profile URL stars out ‘http://www.thebash.com/’ but you, yes you, have some control over what comes next.

We recommend including your primary category or the category that delivers you the most leads. This will help you with Google and other search engines. Your URL ends with your performer name or some variation of your name. This is all easy to control from the Edit URL function of your Profile tab.


This is a real VIP (very important page) and one that’s really loaded with options. It’s where you manage some of the most basic information about your Profile. Things like performer name, location and travel radius (how far you are willing to travel for work).

A word about travel radius: too often we see members chose to max out their travel radius even though in reality, they don’t really want leads from too far away. If you have a Gold Membership you are entitled to appear in search results for gigs that are 3,000 miles from your home. Are you really going to travel across the country for a gig? If not you are wasting precious leads by telling us you want to travel this far.

For some helpful tips on filling out your Profile Description, check out our How to Write a Great Profile Bio post.

Towards the bottom of this page, you’ll see Gigs Desired. By default every new member on The Bash is opted into every event type we have, but you are free to change this at any time. For example, if you aren’t interested in receiving wedding leads, you should un-check all wedding-related event types. Easy.

Category Selections

The next option on the Profile tab is Category Selections. We’ve already touched on how to select your categories in this quick tip but keep in mind that category selection is obviously going to be very different for every member. One helpful tool for picking your categories is the Search Results Analyzer, which tells you how you are faring in your different categories.

And of course, if you have any questions about which categories might be best for your membership, you can always just ask us.


I’m going to assume you already know how to upload your Profile photos. If not, check out this instructional video. You’re allowed up to 25 photos – use them!


Audio is a must for every musician but not every member on The Bash. All you comedians, magicians, clowns, variety entertainers and anyone else who works in a largely medium should focus on video. But musicians, don’t think that means you are off the hook for video. Having a video on your Profile makes you four times as likely to get booked. Just do it!

Questions about how to upload audio or video? We have just the video for you!

Song List

Another one that is only going to apply to certain members, but musicians - this is a must! To learn how to upload your song list on song at a time or as one full list, check out this quick tip.

Client Feedback

Your Client Feedback page lets you manage the order in which your feedback appears. You can also choose which feedback is displayed right on the front of your Profile (as opposed to strictly on your feedback page). Make sure you get your best feedback high up on the page for everyone to see.

Related Profiles

Last but not least, this page is for those of you with multiple memberships. Say you have two memberships: The Don Draper Jazz Band and Don Draper Solo Guitar. You can add a link to the bottom of your Jazz Band Profile that points towards your Solo Guitar Profile and vice versa, if you wish.

This is particularly helpful should you create a new membership since your more established membership can lend some street cred to the new one. Got it?


Phew! That’s it! Those are the basics for the Profile tab. If you follow these tips your Profile should be in good shape and ready for potential clients.

Any questions? Leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you. We promise!

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