Exploring Your Control Panel Pt. 7 - Tools

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 30, 2012

At this point, our Exploring Your Control Panel series has walked you through nearly every page of the GigMasters member Control Panel, everything but the 'Tools' tab. We saved one of the best for last as the 'Tools' tab is a great resources that, if used properly, can really help you get the most out of your GigMasters membership.

A couple of the pages in this section could probably stand to have their own blog posts, so please excuse us if this runs a tad long. We'll spare you from reviewing every section of the 'Tools' tab and just run through the most noteworthy.

Tools - Control PanelIn particular we recommend periodically checking your Search Statistics and Search Results Analyzer as the info you gain on these pages may lead you to make some important changes to your membership.

Search Statistics - If you've ever used the Internet (and if you are reading this, you have) you know that in 2012, it's all about search results. Even the best looking website is totally useless if it nobody can find it. Just like you go to fandango.com to search for movie times or Google to search for...everything, people come to GigMasters to search for entertainment.

Your Search Statics page has three key components:

  • Your Current Search Statistics - Shows you all of the GigMasters searches you've appeared in, as well as where you appeared in those searches vs. your fellow GigMasters members, over the last 24 hours.
  • Your Search Statistics - Last 7 Days - The number of times you've appeared in searches and that your Profile has been viewed for each of the last seven days.
  • Audio/Video Downloads - Shows you how many times your audio and video have been played over the last 24 hours as well as the last week. Keep in mind that by saying "download" we are only referring to your media been played. This isn't iTunes. No one can take your songs or videos with them!

Search Results Analyzer - Another key page, one that might make you re-think the performer categories in which you choose to list. In fact, this is such a biggie, we've already a devoted a whole blog post to it - read more about in our Search Results Analyzer post.

Star Rating Analyzer - Ever wonder how your star rating is calculated or how close you are to moving on up to a higher rating? This is the place to see exactly where you stand.

Latest Blog Posts from Inside the Gig - Here's a good one! In a way this page is a 'best of' compilation of recent posts from this here blog! This feeds sticks to posts that are specific to making the most of your GigMasters membership.

Add the GigMasters Portable Contact Form to Your Website - We've told you about our portable contact form that can live on your personal sites and allows clients to request you through GigMasters (with no auto-add!). Well, this is the place to pick it up. Do it. Do it now!


That's about enough for one post. We've already hit most of the highlights of the 'Tools' tab, one of the most useful sections of the GigMasters Control Panel. Be sure to read through our other Exploring Your Control Panel posts and check in soon for more updates!

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