Gig Flashback: LL Cool J at a School Gym in 1985

Posted by Peter G on February 6, 2013

This video doesn’t have quite as many hits as “Gangnam Style,” but it is making the rounds on YouTube. It’s classic footage of LL Cool J at age 17 playing a Colby College in Maine. With a fresh intro by DJ Cut Creator, LL hits the stage (3 minutes into the video) and hypes up the intimate crowd as if he’s playing the Superdome.

Sure, looking back, it’s funny to see LL Cool J playing a kids show with portable stadium lights. But back then, these kind of community events were more common and it’s how hip-hop artists made a name for themselves. They took it to the streets, literally.

LL Cool J has come a long way since 1985 (he's hosting the Grammys this Sunday, by the way). The moral of the story here is to GO BIG at every show, and GIVE IT YOUR ALL no matter what kind of show you’re playing!

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