GigMasters' Videos Get An Upgrade

Posted by Drew Stoga on February 23, 2012

VideoYou may have heard us mention how important videos are to a successful Profile. Well, we're backing up our claim with some serious upgrades to our video storage and playback systems. Bottom line: GigMasters members now get more media storage space for both audio and video than ever before. Plus, all of your Profile videos can now play on iPhones and other mobile devices!

And the best part - we've done all this at no extra cost to you!

Here are the details on the media storage increases by membership type:

Basic Membership: 25 MB -> 100 MB

Professional Membership: 50 MB -> 200 MB

Gold Membership: 100 MB -> 500 MB

That means that all of our members can now upload more video, and higher quality video, to their Profiles for no extra change. This has already taken effect - so get uploading!

Also, we have converted all of the videos on our site to .mp4, which means that they can be viewed on mobile devices. An increasing portion of our daily traffic is coming from people on the go and we want all of our visitors to have a rich experience and be able to see you in all your glory.

Question about uploading Audio or Video? This post will help.

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