Helping Out a Confused Client

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 26, 2011

Have you ever heard from a confused client who just can't seem to figure how to use GigMasters? It happens all the time and unfortunately no matter what we do to simplify things, you are always going to get these calls. Everyone has different ideas on how to use the web, so the best thing you can do is try to get a client's perspective on GigMasters. Today's lesson: explaining GigMasters to a confused client.

Here are a few questions you can expect to hear from confused clients-to-be (along with your polite and helpful answers):

How do I get a price quote on GigMasters?

Look for the "Request Free Quote" button on my Profile. It's orange and located on the upper right side of my page. It looks like this:

request free quote

Clicking this button takes you to the Contact page. That's where you give me (and GigMasters) a general idea of what you are looking for. It's a quick form but please fill it out carefully as I will be basing my price quote on the information you give me here.

I only want to contact YOU and nobody else!

Great! Thanks for your interest. The GigMasters Contract Form allows you to specify that you prefer that GigMasters not contact any additional performers for your event (they can always add more performers for you later if you wish). That part of the Contract Form looks like this:

contact form
What happens next?

Once you submit the form to GigMasters, they alert me to your request via email. It takes GigMasters' system a few minutes to send the request so pardon me if I am not able to reply right away.

What's this Control Panel GigMasters keeps telling me?

Your Control Panel is where all of your requests are stored. It's also where you can officially book me. You can log into it here: Forgot your login information? You can get it here:

How do I do that?

All you have to do is log into your Control Panel and click the "Book Now" button to the right of my name. Follow the instructions on the next page and we are in business!


Remember you and your clients can contact us anytime for assistance. You can find our contact info right here:

Any questions? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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