Keep Your Cool During Hot Gigs

Posted by Peter G on May 4, 2012

With the summer approaching, it's good to be prepared for the hot weather. When you're negotiating a gig with a client, you want to make sure that you and your group members are covered (literally). Requesting basic shelter without sounding too high-maintenance will show that you're professional. This may be common sense for veteran performers, but clients and performers often overlook these details when planning too quickly.

It gets pretty humid up here at the GigMasters office (in Connecticut), but this is a bigger issue for our southern friends. So, we turned to Creig Camacho from The Caribbean Crew for advice. They're a successful Steel Drum Band from Florida with 367 bookings (as of May 2012) so they know how to walk the talk (or is it talk the walk?). Anyway, they know what they're talking about.

Summer Gig Tips from The Caribbean Crew

- Request that you perform in a shaded area, such as in a gazebo, under a overhang, pop-up tent, or ask the client to provide large umbrellas at least.

- If none of these are available, ask to setup against a building that will provide shade instead of in an open courtyard.

- Remember to cover your instruments and speakers - they will overheat if they're left out in the sun too long (especially shiny steel drums!).

- Ask the client to provide you with plenty of cold water for your entire group.

- Have a back-up plan in case it rains! Warm weather rain maybe be refreshing for the guests, but it's not for musicians. If there's a chance of rain, is always best to setup inside as a precaution.

- If the client insists on you playing outside, you may want to negotiate an additional fee in case you have to break down and setup again. Extra setup time usually counts as performance time.

If you have any summer tips, please continue the conversation on the comments below.
Until next time, stay cool like The Caribbean Crew!

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