Mobile Backstage: ‘Next Level Fan Engagement’?

Posted by Drew Stoga on July 25, 2011

Mobile BackstageAs you probably guessed, we are firm believers in the power of social media. The general public is more connected than ever before and social media is the best way to reach the most people.

That doesn’t mean that we think that every new social site or service is a winner. It is a crowded space with dozens of sites competing for your attention. Deciding which social platforms deserves your time can be intimidating. Now musicians have yet another service to consider: Mobile Backstage.

Luckily Mobile Backstage is not just another social media platform. It’s “an individually branded direct-to-fan mobile software for artists and bands.” That seems to mean that Mobile Backstage is a kind of ‘fan club management system’ (to borrow a phrase from Hypebot) with an emphasis on social media interactions.

In a strangely Star Wars-esque video, the creators of the software, Steam Republic, explain that Mobile Backstage offers “direct connection between band and core audience.” What this means is not 100% clear to me but it seems that Mobile Backstage is all about making it very easy for band members to post status updates and for fans to respond. As the name suggests, Mobile Backstage is intended for easy mobile use. So you can let your fans know exactly what is going on inside your tour bus!

The service seems pretty cool in theory and could prove very useful for established bands with dedicated followings. I got a little nervous about halfway through the video when they began to substitute the word “brand” in for “band.”

Jargon aside, Mobile Backstage is an interesting concept and may help bring artists and fans together – one status update at a time.


What do you think about Mobile Backstage? Would you try it? Leave a comment to let us know and check out this video demo:

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