Mommy, Where Do Gigs Come From?

Posted by Peter G on April 11, 2012

Do you ever wonder where your leads come from? We ran a year-long report taken from March 2011 to March 2012 and uncovered some interesting results about GigMasters’ top traffic sources.

1. Google (organic) 56.1%
It’s not surprising that Google's number one, however, it’s pretty amazing that it accounts for more than half of our traffic. Organic traffic means that it's from searches and not from paid advertising (see "Google PPC" below). This shows how important our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts come into play.

2. Direct traffic 14.4%
Our second most popular source of traffic doesn’t come from any other websites! This is from word-of-mouth and people actually typing “” into the URL box, or by using a bookmark. For example, GigMasters members who use the site frequently. And as Bruce Moore points out below, this also includes any source that Google cannot otherwise determine.

3. Other websites 11.2%
There are hundreds of sites that make up this percentage, such as, PR Web, One Wed, Twitter, YouTube, New York Times and CD Baby.

4. Bing 5.4%
Who uses Bing? Apparently, a lot of people. Bill Gates must be proud of this one.

5. Yahoo 5.3%
Good ol’ Yahoo is still in the game representing a sizable chunk of our traffic.

6. Google (PPC) 5.2%
PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” so we pay Google for this one. This is down by about 4% from the year before, which is good news! That means we paid less for more traffic.

7. Facebook 1.1%
This only increased 0.2% from the prior year, which we thought would've been higher. It's still impressive since Facebook isn't a "search engine," technically. Also, we found that Facebook’s conversion rate to actual gig requests ranked very high. That’s a whole other topic that we could get into in a future blog post.

8. AOL 0.7%
Yup, America is still online.

9. Search 0.6%
This includes itself and other miscellaneous search engines that aren't Google and Yahoo.

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