Most Loyal Category: Wedding Limo?!

Posted by Peter G on April 3, 2013

We already know what our most popular categories are, in terms of gig requests. To switch it up this time, let's look at the categories that have the highest membership renewal percentages (among all GigMasters members). Here's what we found...
Highest membership renewal rates by category (10+ active members)

Wedding Limousine 95.9%
Flamenco Guitar 93.6%
Classical Harp 92.8%
Event Limousine 92.5%
Auctioneer 91.9%
Steel Drum Band 91.8%
Party Bus 91.8%
Stilt Walker 91.7%
Singing Telegram 90.8%
Classical Guitar 90.7%

I was pleasantly surprised to see Wedding Limo, Event Limo and Party Bus on there since we recently revamped our entire Transportation section!

Now, I know you might say, “Hey, it’s easy to get a high percentage when you have less members per category.” I knew you’d say that! So, to be fair, the list below only considers categories with at least 100 current members in them...

Highest membership renewal rates by category (100+ active members)

Elvis Impersonator 87.8%
Clown 86.9%
Acoustic Guitar 86.5%
Magician 84.4%
Caricaturist 84.3%
Piano 83.6%
Balloon Twister 82.5%
Dance Band 82.5%
Variety Band 81.8%
Belly Dancer 81.0%

The King shows his loyalty once again! So, I guess it's hard to avoid mentioning the usual suspects, after all. But the first group reveals some underrated categories who are very satisfied customers of GigMasters!

These reports are based on data from the past 3 years and by primary category only.

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