The Murder Mystery Company Interview + Acceptance Speech Video

Posted by Peter G on February 1, 2013

Earlier this week we shared our Rising Star video montage, starring a diverse mix of our talented members. Here's another creative one from The Murder Mystery Company, which won our 2012 Top Theme Party Company award. As you'll notice, the video is a concept of its own, so here it is in its entirety...

Whoa 2,500 shows! That's a lot of gigs. We wanted to find out some more clues to solve the mystery of their business, so we caught up with The Murder Mystery Company's CEO, Scott Cramton.

What's your role with The Murder Mystery Company?

Founder, CEO, Writer and "thought leader" for The Murder Mystery Company.

When did you realize that you wanted to work in the entertainment industry?

In 4th grade I was told by my speech teacher that after years of invasive surgery for my clef palate he said that I could never do any form of public speaking as in theater.

How did you become a GigMasters member?

Looking for a way to put our company out there online and used Google searches as though we were trying to find entertainment for parties & that's how we found GigMasters.

How are you listed on GigMasters?

We chose to list our New York troupe on GigMasters and then state in our listing we will work anywhere in the continental U.S. We can keep our prices affordable because we have active troupes in Major Metropolitan areas across the country which travel up to several hours from their epicenter hub location for GigMasters bookings.

What kind of events do you get booked the most for?

Murder Mystery Events! But seriously, we do a lot of birthdays, company holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and so many more!

How would an aspiring actor get involved in business like yours?

We audition about every 3 months across the nation, in each city we currently host a troupe.

Can you offer any other advice to younger performers about getting gigs in general?

Use the internet!

"On behalf of all our 347 Murder Mystery actors, directors and office staff, we want to say thank you to GigMasters for the 2012 Rising Star Award! GigMasters has been instrumental in the success of The Murder Mystery Company and my dream of creating truly interactive theater. When we started with GigMasters, we were only in two states; Michigan and confusion. 2012 was a record year for us with over 2,500 performances in 47 different states and Canada. The Murder Mystery Company's alliance with GigMasters has been an invaluable service in making my dreams a reality. Thank you for this award and for what you do."

- Scott Cramton, owner of The Murder Mystery Company

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