New Feature: Mobile Redemptions

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 13, 2012

moneyRemember the other week when we told you that you could now request and receive deposits of up to $2,000 and balance payments of up to $5,000? Well, we have even more good news regarding online payments! You can now redeem both deposits and balance payments via GigMasters mobile! That means that next time you have a client payment ready to be redeemed, you can just sign into GigMasters via your mobile phone and transfer the funds to your bank account! Who doesn't love money on-the-go?

Here's what you need to know:

  • Next time you get an email from us about an online payment ready to be redeemed, if you happen to be on your mobile phone, feel free to click away.
  • This will link you to the mobile version of your Control Panel. Log in and follow the instructions to redeem your funds.
  • If you have any trouble along the way, it's most likely due to an error in your bank account information on file. You'll need to review and update your information on file which you can do via our full-page Control Panel (in the 'Billing Information' page of your 'account' tab).
  • Any questions? Shoot us an email or a call (866-342-9794)


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