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Posted by Nicole Steeger on July 19, 2013

The next time you visit your Member Control Panel (MCP) you’ll see that we’ve added an exciting new feature to your GigMasters Profile. We’re talking about, (drum roll please)…Offers.

So what’s this new feature all about?

“Offers” (in GigMasters speak) is a Profile feature where you can promote popular service packages or limited time offer specials. This section of your profile allows you to create Offers that entice clients to request more information about your services and availability. More requests lead to more bookings!

The entire section is highly customizable so you can display what works best for your business and potential clients! There’s lots of flexibility in the design and functionality, so you can make it work best for you. It’s also an optional feature.

How do I get to the Offers section of my MCP?

From your Member Control Panel, click “Edit” to land on the “Offers” MCP Page.

When you land on the Offers page you can view, create, edit and expire your offers. You can also set a Featured Offer for your profile. If you've been busy in the MCP Offers page, it will look something like this:

Let's breakdown this page:


Active Offers

Active Offers include all of the Offers that are currently being displayed on your Profile. You can set an expiration date for an Offer to indicate when you would like it to be removed from your Profile. An Offer with no expiration date will remain on your Profile until you drag it to the Expired/Inactive Offers section.

Expired/Inactive Offers

If you have set an expiration date for an Offer, when that expiration date has passed, the Offer will be moved to the “Expired/Inactive Offers” section of this page. If you move an Expired Offer to the Active section, that Offer will be stripped of its previous expiration date and will remain on your profile.

Featured Offer

An Offers box will only appear on your Profile if you have created an Active Offer. The first Offer you create will, by default, be displayed as your Featured Offer. You can customize your Featured Offer by dragging and dropping an Active Offer into the Featured Offer box on the "Edit Offer" MCP page. The Featured Offer will update on your Profile immediately and this is what it will look like:

How do I create an Offer?

When you click the orange “Add New Offer,” the "Edit Offer" box as shown below, will appear.

Offer Status: You may see “Featured,” “New” and “Inactive” depending on how you are currently using that Offer.

Expiration Date: The expiration date is for internal purposes only. You may set an expiration date for the Offer to be removed from your Profile. Only today’s date or a future date may be entered. If you enter today’s date, the Offer will display until 11:59PM. It will then be removed from your profile and relocated to the “Expired/Inactive Offers” section.

Offer Details: Any details you enter here will appear individually as bullet points under your Offer Title. You may arrange these by dragging and dropping them into the desired order. No contact information is permitted here.

Additional Client Information: Any additional client information that you enter here will be inserted into the “personal message” section of a price quote when you choose to reply to a client with an Offer response.


What kind of Offer should I create?

Offers are meant to be an additional tool for you to promote your business and entice a client to request a quote. An Offer should also clearly explain what items/services the client will receive. GigMasters specifically designed the Offers section to be flexible so it will work well for all of our members.

Some sample Offers include:

Summer Special!

  • Take 15% off all bookings now through August 31, 2013! 

Prom Special Offer

  • Book DJ Giggy for your Prom and receive a free light display!

Six Hour Wedding Package, Starting at $2,500.00

  • 6 hours Wedding Coverage
  • Assistant Photographer included
  • 1-hour complimentary pre-wedding consultation
  • 250 prints delivered one-week post-wedding date
  • 150-page album, your photo choices 

What will the Offer section of my profile look like?

When you have created Active Offers for your Profile, they will be displayed in their own section on your Profile. That section will look like this:

How will clients interact with the Offers section of my profile?

When the client visits the Offers section of your Profile, they will see all of your Active Offers (assuming you've taken advantage of this awesome feature). From this section, a client may click the "Request This Offer" button which will take them to the Request Free Quote page. When you receive a lead from a client that was created through the "Request This Offer" button, you will be reminded in the gig alert email that one of your specific Offers has been requested.

It's also important for us to note that in order to prevent confusion, we have turned off Auto-Add for requests that are generated from the "Request This Offer" section of a member's Profile. When a client requests a quote from the Offer section, they will not be prompted to add 5 or 10 additional vendors to their request.


That's a quick (well, maybe not so quick) look at the newest GigMasters Profile feature, Offers. If you have any questions about Offers or anything else for that matter, our Account Services team is here and ready to help! Just give us a call at 866-342-9794 or

We'd love to hear what you think of this new feature. Drop us a line in the comments below.


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