New Year's Resolution: Clean Up Your Profile

Posted by Drew Stoga on December 29, 2011

cleaning upThis time of year just about everyone is making New Year's resolutions. If you want to lose weight or quit smoking, we're all for it, but we can't do much to help. What we can help with is making sure that you make the most of your GigMasters membership. To that end, we have a New Year's resolution you should all consider: Keep your Profile organized and up-to-date.

Just like that closet at home, your Profile can tend to get a bit messy if you don't make a real effort to clean it up every once in awhile. If you are a new member, it's very important that you get your Profile in good order right away, so it's ready for your clients.

To get started, visit your unique Profile URL (Don't know your URL? You'll find it right on the dashboard of your Control Panel) and take a look at your Profile the way any prospective client would.

You want to make sure your Profile is eye-catching, loaded with great information, quality images, audio, and video. BUT you don't want things to look too busy or messy.

Think of your Profile as if it were a retail store. Customers aren't going to spend much time in your shop if it's obvious the shopkeeper doesn't care enough about it to keep it clean and tidy.

So here are a few thing to look out for:


We've told you before about the importance of Profile photos. It's great that you got a bunch up there, but you also have to make sure that they are good ones! Does any of them look too small? Any duplicates in there? Have any new ones that might be an improvement on what's there now? Taking a few minutes to update your photos is easy (through the 'profile' tab of your Control Panel).


You do know that we recently increased our audio/video storage limits for all of our members, right? Read all about it here. That means you can get more audio and video on your Profile. It also means you can get higher quality audio and video up there. Take a listen, and a look, at all of your audio and video. If any of it is less than stellar quality, we recommend you replace it with a better version. If you have any trouble doing so, feel free to contact us for help.


GigMasters feedback can be displayed in two places - right on your Profile and on your 'feedback' page. All of your feedback is displayed on the feedback page, but you can control the order in which it appears. You can also select what feedback you'd like to appear on the main page of your Profile. You want to make sure that your potential clients can find your best reviews so make any changes necessary by visiting the 'Client Feedback' page of your Control Panel.

Upcoming & Past Appearances

Any time you book a GigMasters event, we automatically add it to your Upcoming Events. You can go one step further by customizing each gig which gives you the chance to show off the actual events for which you've been booked. You can also also add other gigs to your Profile calendar. This lets potential clients see that you are a busy, working entertainer. Why not keep everyone posted on all your upcoming gigs? It only takes a moment.


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