Open Thread: Tell Us How to Improve Your Profile

Posted by Drew Stoga on June 7, 2012

ListeningAt GigMasters we have a history of listening to our members' opinions. Don't believe me? We've introduced features like balance payments and mobile bidding based on suggestions from performers like you.

We can't act on every suggestion but we really do listen. After all, nobody is more familiar with our product than you. That's why today we want you to tell us how we can improve your Profile.

We plan on giving our Profiles a face lift in the coming months. It's been a couple years since our last major redesign and while we've made some tweaks along the way (social media buttons, updated video player, etc.) we think it's just about time to make some more improvements. We want our Profiles to be the best they can be and I'm sure you do too.

So that's where you come in.

We want to hear your opinion on how to improve your GigMasters Profile. We aren't talking policies here (though we'll always listen to your opinions on those too) we are talking about the way our Profiles look and function.

Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Here are a few questions to get you started:

Any new features you'd like to see on your Profile?
Any old features we should ditch?
What do you think of the layout? Does anything need to be moved around?
Would you like bigger photos? Smaller photos? A different way to display photos?
How about the media players? Any changes needed there?
Anything else?

Don't be shy but please be nice!


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