Performer Advice from Matthew Cutillo

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 1, 2011

matt cutilloFive-star Acoustic Guitarist Matthew Cutillo (Amityville, NY) knows a thing or two about getting rave reviews from clients. His GigMasters account has 322 of them. You read that right, 322 client reviews.

Clearly the guy is doing something right.

Not only is Matthew a talented performer who knows how to please a crowd, he is also an extremely nice guy. So nice that he is compiling all of his GigMasters trade secrets and client relation techniques into a handy e-book to be released in just a few weeks.

When we got wind of the book, which is to be titled How to be #1 on, we asked the budding author to contribute a few helpful tips to Inside the Gig. Matthew assures us that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the final e-book will include his "actual pre-gig bid response, first contact email and post-gig thank you messages that have helped me amass over 320 rave review feedback ratings."

Sound good? Here's Matthew's first tip (this one is on the house):


You Got the Gig! Now it’s Showtime.

Many entertainers think that their performance begins once they start playing. The truth is you are on stage from the moment you arrive at the gig. This is especially true if you are playing at a client’s home. As soon as you get to the door, nothing you do will go unnoticed. For better or worse, you are being judged by the client and their guests and these are the people who will be rating your performance on GigMasters.

There is more to earning great reviews than just playing a great show. If you want to be #1 (and since you are reading this you must want to be #1), you need to get great client reviews. To get great client reviews you MUST build a rapport with the client from the first conversation to the last.

You are at the gig to make people feel good. End of story. Treat everyone you speak to with care and respect. Remember that the client is your boss for the next few hours and they have a say not only in your immediate pay, but also in your future success (the all-important GigMasters rating).

Make the client happy. Make them want to sing your praises. Make them want to see you succeed because you helped them pull off an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event.


Check out Matthew Cutillo on GigMasters and stay tuned for more info about his upcoming e-book, How to be #1 on

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