Performers: Why You MUST Be On YouTube

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 26, 2011

YouTube logoThink YouTube is just a place to watch stupid/awesome videos (like this one)?

Yes, YouTube is an amazing place for killing time and discovering entertaining videos of every variety, but it has also become something else: an absolutely essential marketing tool. Every entertainer should must be on YouTube.

Here’s why YouTube is the place to be:

1. It is now the 2nd Largest Search Engine

We all know that Google is the world’s top search engine. What you might not know is that currently YouTube is #2 (and guess who owns YouTube…Yep, Google!). More than ever people are turning to YouTube for their searches. It’s been a year since YouTube started averaging 2 billion views per day – an absolutely staggering amount that continues to grow.

2. It is THE Platform for ‘Going Viral’

In the new world of online marketing, nothing is more desired than “going viral.” As the Rebecca Black “Friday” video proved (have you seen this video yet? Wow.) everyone has the potential of creating a viral video and getting millions, yes millions, of people to watch. Yes they are laughing at Rebecca Black but little Justin Bieber, whose rise to fame started on YouTube, is laughing all the way to the bank.

3. A Moving Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

GigMasters members with video on their Profiles are four times as likely to get booked as those who do not. How much more clear can it get? Videos tell your story better than words or photos or even MP3s. When a client is considering hiring you, they want to be able to picture you performing at their event. Make it as easy as possible for them. (And yes, once your video is on YouTube it is very easy to get it on GigMasters. Just ask us if you need help!)

For further reading (and proof of YouTube’s power) check out this article from MediaBeat. It explains how Google plans on using YouTube to help gain traction in the music industry. Mashable’s PR Pro’s Guide to YouTube was written for social media savvy PR professionals, but many of the lessons could easily apply to you, the gigging entertainer.


How do you use YouTube? Let us know in the comment section below and visit GigMasters’ YouTube page.

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