Putting Together Your Event Game Plan

Posted by Drew Stoga on December 12, 2011

Today’s guest post comes from David Pellot of SOUNDBAR Entertainment (Saddle Brook, NJ). You might remember our friend David from his performance at our first-ever GigMasters Member Appreciation Party. He's been DJing and running his entertainment company for years so when he came to us with advice on working with clients to put together an event plan, we were all ears.

Soundbar EntertainmentAlthough I have performed as a DJ for years, when people ask me what I do for a living, I don’t say I own a DJ company; I say I own an entertainment company. The reason why is because DJs have evolved over the years from just playing music to becoming complete “event directors,” setting the stage and acting as hosts for the entire scope of activities during an event. As such, professional DJs have so much more to offer clients that ever before.

With so much more responsibility and expectations riding on them, DJs need to need to fully plan and prepare in order to ensure a successful event. Here are some tips for what you can do to get yourself organized:

Create a concept – A few important questions for your client: What type of event is this going to be? How much energy should I bring to my performance? It is essential that you ask your client these types of questions well ahead of show time.

Set your timeline – Once you have an understanding of the concept for the event, it’s time to put together a timeline. This will keep you, and everyone else involved, on track.

The order of events can vary depending on the type of event, client preferences and even regional differences. Make sure to collaborate with your client on the timeline (it is their event after all) and also reach out to any other vendors involved (photographers, caterers, event planners and even clergy) to keep them aware of the timeline and to resolve any scheduling conflicts.

Write your script – With all of the people, activities and unexpected circumstances that will be a part of your event, it can be incredibly easy to forget what announcements to make and who you should introduce. Putting together a script will not only help you with remembering what to say and when, but also gives you a proper place to phonetically write down any names that are difficult to pronounce.

Prep your playlists – Playlists are extremely helpful if any specific songs need to be coordinated with your timeline. You should get any song requests from your clients as early as possible, especially if you don’t have the music already as part of your collection. Once you do, try to arrange them in the order in which they will be played to make things easier.

Put it in action – Once you have these elements put together, it’s time to use them. Since you have already established your authority with your client and vendors by doing such a great job preparing everyone, it will be a lot easier to work together to make any needed adjustments due to unexpected issues.

By following these steps, you will find that your events will be run much more smoothly and your clients will be much more satisfied, which will only results in more events for you.


What do you think of David’s advice? Leave us a comment to let us know and don’t forget to check out SOUNDBAR Entertainment on GigMasters.

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