Quick Tip: Enable Deposits & Balance Payments

Posted by The Bash on January 6, 2012

bank deposit

The secure booking system on The Bash is one of the biggest reasons why so many clients feel comfortable booking with us (a total of over 150,000 and counting). Our 14 years in business, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and TRUSTe accreditation put clients at ease - even if they don't know what that last one is! This is all great news for you, because it means that many of our clients are not just comfortable paying your deposits and balances through The Bash, they are down right eager to do it!

Haven't set up your membership for online payments yet? You are missing out on a valuable feature on The Bash that gets you paid before you play.

Plus it's super easy. Watch this quick video and you'll be able to set your membership to accept balance and deposit payments:

Here are those steps in writing for future reference:

1. Log into your Control Panel.

2. Go to your 'account' tab.

3. Click the 'edit' link for 'Billing Information.'

4. Under 'Banking Information,' enter the required bank account information,

5. When you are finished, click 'Click Here ONCE To Update.'


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