Quick Tip: Gig Final Outcome Emails

Posted by Drew Stoga on December 2, 2011

Nobody likes being disappointed. But that's life, right?

Unfortunately, you just can't book every gig. But next time you miss out on a booking, instead of brooding about it, you can learn from the experience thanks to GigMasters 'Gig Final Outcome Emails.'

Every GigMasters member has the option to receive Final Outcome Emails. If you are opted into this feature, anytime another member is booked for a gig you placed a quote on, we'll send you a quick email letting you know who ended up getting the gig (we'll also let you know when a client closes or cancels a gig).

We don't do this to rub it in, but rather to give you the chance to learn more from the experience. If you want, you can look up the member who got booked. Maybe you can learn something from their Profile or maybe it's a name you recognize from your Search Results Analyzer. Basically, it's just another GigMasters tool to help you get a clearer sense of the big picture.

Competition is the name of the game. We feel it is better to learn from your competition than to ignore them.


If you'd rather not receive these emails, it's easy to opt-out of this feature. Just follow these steps:

1. Log into your Control Panel.

2. Go to your 'account' tab.

3. Click 'Edit' for 'Feature Opt-Outs.'

4. Select 'Out' for 'Gig Final Outcome Emails.'

5. Click 'Update.'



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