Quick Tip: Learn From Your Competition

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 23, 2011

competitionBy now you have probably figured out that every Friday you can tune in for another Quick Tip. As the name suggests, these are short but hopefully helpful posts that are designed to help you 'master' the GigMasters system and increase your chances of booking more gigs.

If you are new to GigMasters or just think you might need a refresher, the Quick Tips tag is a great place to look. Another great place to look - your competition, particularly those performers who book the most through GigMasters.

Have you ever browsed through our Rising Star winners? Every year the Rising Star Awards are given out to GigMasters' top-grossing members. Clearly these acts are doing something right, so we highly recommend checking out their Profiles. There is a lot you can learn by spending just a couple minutes with each.

A few good questions to ask yourself as you browse your compeition: What sort of photos do they use? How was their video shot? How long is their description? What is their price range?

This is a really easy way to get inspired and think of new upgrades for your own Profile. You just need to check your ego at the door for a few minutes and have a look around.

*Please note: GigMasters has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarizing from other Profiles. So feel free to look and learn but DO NOT copy. Not only is it against our User Agreement, it's bad form and just plain lazy.

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