Quick Tip: Profile Audit

Posted by Drew Stoga on May 20, 2011

To many people "audit" sounds like a bad word. In this case we are just talking about taking a hard look at your Profile from time to time to make sure that it is as good as it can be. You already know that it is a good idea to keep your calendar up-to-date so that potential clients and fans can catch you live, but there is probably some more upkeep you could be doing.

Every few months it helps to view your Profile the same way that a potential client would. Do you have any news to add to your description? New audio or video to update? Did you get an amazing new haircut that you just need to document on your Profile?

It's easy to tinker with your Profile so why not take a few minutes to make sure it's up to date?

Check out our previous Quick Tips for directions on how to adjust and update your Profile or contact us with any questions. Good luck and nice haircut!


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