Real Event Roundup: Summer Edition

Posted by Drew Stoga on July 23, 2012

It's been awhile since our last Real Event Roundup so I figured it was about time to clue you into a few of the real events we've recently featured on our Life of the Party and Wedding blogs.

Not sure what a 'real event' is? That's OK. Real events are big in the blogger community but we don't necessarily spend too much time talking about them here on Inside the Gig.

A real event blog post usually contains photos and a description of a recent real-life party, wedding, etc. Real weddings are particularly popular as brides-to-be and wedding professionals (and the wedding obsessed) rely on these posts for inspiration.

That's cool and all but we are mostly interested in the exposure that we can get our members from these real event posts. Next time you play a particularly cool event, we want to hear about it. Email us photos and a description to marketing AT gigmasters DOT com. And don't just send photos of you on stage. We wan't those but our readers also want to see the guests, the food, the decorations and the general fabulousness of the party. If you suspect you're next gig is going to be particularly noteworthy make sure to bring along a good photographer or give us the head's up and we'll get in touch with the client!

And now...onto the real events:

Woof and Wine Fundraiser Give a dog lover a glass of wine or two and a cute dog to pet and you can pretty much guarantee that they'll be reaching for the checkbook in no time. That was the strategy at this real event, a Colorado fundraiser for animals in need. GigMasters caricaturist Sean Hyatt was on hand to draw humans and dogs alike.

Woof & Wine

BooZoo's Canine Carnival at Stepping Stones Another recent doggie event. A few GigMasters staffers (myself included) we're actually on hand for this party! GigMasters co-sponsored this event along at an amazing local interactive museum for kids - Stepping Stones in Norwalk, CT. GigMasters members Simply Steven Magic, Painted You face painters and juggler Michael Karas lent their talents to the party as did Heather Life Photography who took this great shot of Mr. Karas, among many others:

Juggler Michael KarasCarnival Birthday Party One of the fastest growing parts of our business is kids' parties. Some parents really go all out when it comes to planning parties for their children. This carnival-themed birthday party is a good example of parents planning a great party for their little ones without going completely overboard. Our own Twilight ‘Your’ Clown and Friends were on hand to keep the kids entertained.

Real Vegas Wedding with Real Songs GigMasters jazz singer Karen Michaels plays a lot of great gigs and this real Vegas wedding was no exception. Not only did Karen and her newly married clients share some great photos with our readers they also ran us through a few of their wedding songs. Keep up the great work Karen!


And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty more real events on both our Life of the Party and Wedding blogs. Have a look and remember, we want to hear about your gigs! These posts can help get you some great exposure in that big beautiful space known as the blogosphere.

Email us at marketing AT gigmasters DOT com to tell us about your real events!

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