Requesting a Free Quote Just Got Easier!

Posted by Drew Stoga on February 22, 2013

We stay pretty busy around here keeping you up to date on all the great stuff we're doing to improve our service for our members. We've been rolling out all sorts of new features for you as of late - new profiles, new booking pages, new bidding pages, oh my! But today we're reporting on an upgrade for our clients (though, ultimately, it's an upgrade for you too)...our new and improved 'request free quote' page.

Chances are you’re not too familiar with this page, as it is strictly for clients looking for entertainers or vendors, but trust us when we say it's an important one. It is, after all, how our clients get in touch with you.

Here's a glimpse at what this beauty looks like after the redesign:

Vendor Contact Page
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Our goal was to keep things as simple and clear as possible. Everything that's on that page is there to help you provide an accurate and detailed price quote to your potential clients.

Speaking of detailed quotes, we've created a slightly different version of this form that's specifically tailored to our clients who are looking to hire event transportation - limos, town cars, antique cars, etc. Clearly requesting a price quote for a limo is a little different than requesting one from a comedian or DJ, that's why we've built this:

Transportation Contact Page
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You might notice a few key changes here. We've included fields like ‘Pick Up’ and ‘Drop Off’ times, ‘Number of Passengers’ and others specific to the client's transportation needs. This customization is key to delivering accurate quotes and a user-friendly experience to our clients.

There will be much more to come on the customization front later this year!

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