Say Hello to Your New Profile!

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 2, 2012

Waving goodbyeFor over 15 years now GigMasters has helped entertainers and vendors of all kinds book thousands of gigs (over 168,000 as a matter of fact). With photos, audio, video, gig calendars, song lists and more, our Press Kits have played a huge part in making GigMasters the place for entertainers and vendors to get gigs online.

That's what makes this such a big announcement: in the coming weeks GigMasters will be replacing the term 'Press Kit' with the term 'Profile.' You'll no longer have a GigMasters Press Kit, you'll have a GigMasters Profile.

Nothing else about your membership is changing, at least not yet. Changes will be coming to your GigMasters Profile before too long (as we've mentioned before) but, for now, only the name is changing.

Why the Change? And Why 'Profile?'

It's become clear to us that the term 'Press Kit' is outdated. Musicians from the old school might remember mailing out press or media kits complete with CDs, photocopied press clips, etc. But that's just not how it works anymore.

The idea of a Profile is more all-encompassing. The goal of your GigMasters Profile is to give potential clients an overview of your talent and the services you offer. It really has nothing to do with the Press, so why mince words?

Perhaps most importantly, we've learned from talking to our clients that many of them have never heard of the term 'Press Kit' before visiting GigMasters. They often have no clue what the term means but you can bet they're familiar with the idea of a 'Profile.' The average client has a Facebook profile. Maybe they have a profile. So we're pretty sure they'll understand what we mean when we refer to your GigMasters Profile.

Rest assured that our focus will remain the same: we are here to help get you gigs. It might seem like splitting hairs to some, but we think the term Profile is more current and easier for clients to understand. Therefore, we think it will help you get more gigs.

When and Where?

As you can probably guess, the words 'Press Kit' appear all over our website as well as in our blogs and Control Panels. In the coming weeks we'll be switching all references of 'Profiles' to 'Profiles.' The good news is that this work is all being done behind the scenes and will not affect your day-to-day use of our service.

Questions? Comments?

We want to hear them all. We think you'll agree that the term Profile makes the most sense for our site as a whole but we want to hear what you think. Leave a comment and let us know!


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