Spring Cleaning Your Profile

Posted by Peter G on March 16, 2012

Cleaning the house can wait. With the wedding and summer party season approaching, it's time to clean up your act first. Since it's such a popular time for event planning, we recommend some virtual cleaning on your GigMasters Profile. Here are some quick tips to make sure that you don’t miss out on gigs.

If you look at your page and say, “Wow, I looked so different back then,” it’s time to update your pics! Take a moment to dig around your photo files (and maybe Facebook) and upload some new shots. If you don’t have any, you'll have to bust out the camera at your next gig.

Audio and Video
Do you have any new audio tracks or videos recorded? If so, upload away! We’ve found that performers with video are up to four times more likely to get booked through our site than those without. If you're video is on YouTube, just send the link to us at info@gigmasters.com and we'll convert it for you. By the way, GigMasters increased storage limits for all members (back in November) to allow you to feature more samples of your act.

Pay Range
Let’s be honest. You’re not Elton John making a million dollars per gig. You should enter a reasonable range, based off an average of what you usually get paid. You don’t want to discourage potential clients with too high of a price. Keep in mind that you can always negotiate later and request payment for additional services separately, such as travel expenses. (If you are Elton John, we apologize).

Keeping your bio current and relevant to your genre is very important. Don't be shy -- brag about your recent gigs and talk up any new songs or services that you’re offering. In 5000 characters (or less) you can describe what makes you stand out from the crowd. And don’t forget to spell check!

Displaying your upcoming and past appearances will show potential clients that you're actively performing (even if they’re non-GigMasters events). If you have any public performances listed, clients will be able to come see you in action. You can also add a booking on behalf of a client to allow feedback and give them access to online payments, customer support and more.

OK, that should keep you busy for now. To get started, remember to login to your control panel first. Here are some helpful video tutorials and articles related to cleaning up your profile:

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How to Share with Facebook and Twitter

If you have any questions, contact GigMasters anytime. We also recommend these other video tutorials to help you get more gigs!

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