Text Message Leads Are Here!

Posted by GigMasters on March 25, 2013

Remember when we said that text message lead alerts we’re coming soon? Well, good news – they’re here!

Yes, really!

If you’re ready, you can opt into this new, free feature right now. That means you could be alerted to your very next GigMasters lead via text message!

If you want to learn a little bit more before you dive in, here’s what you need to know about text message leads:

  • This feature is completely optional. You will not be automatically opted in.
  • There is no charge from GigMasters to receive text message leads. Standard message and data rates do apply (the normal fees you pay your cell phone carrier to receive texts).
  • Once opted in, you’ll receive a text message the moment you have a new lead or a client has messaged you.
  • Texts will come from the following number: (203) 916-6816. Please note we are not able to receive any calls or texts to this number. If you need any assistance you should contact our Customer Experience team at (866) 342-9794 or info@gigmasters.com.

 Ready for text message leads? Here’s how to opt-in:

  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. Go to your ‘Account’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ for Contact Information.
  4. Find the ‘Mobile Phone’ field and enter your mobile phone number. Leads will be sent to whichever number is entered in this field.
  5. Check the box for ‘Lead Alerts’ and 'Client Message Alerts' under the 'Text Message Notifications' section.
  6. Click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page.

 That’s it! You’re opted in! Next time you get a GigMasters lead or message, you’ll know the moment it enters our system.

Happy gigging!

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