The Race is On!

Posted by Drew Stoga on November 26, 2012

Running shoesWe're back to work and the last of last of the Thanksgiving leftovers are rapidly disappearing from the fridge. That must mean Turkey Day is in our rear view and the end of the year is just ahead.

We all know how busy this last stretch of the year can be. It can be easy to lose sight of your goals with all the distractions that come with planning for the holidays. At GigMasters, we're focused on finishing the year strong. We're also right around the corner from our busiest season. Sixty percent of wedding engagement occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. That means a whole lot of folks will be planning weddings in the coming months and many of them, tens of thousands of them in fact, will be turning to GigMasters to help them hire entertainment and vendors.

We think our new profiles our going to be a great help with the upcoming busy season. The goal was to make the profiles look as professional and appealing to clients as possible. For the most part we've had a great response to the new look and many of our members agree that it will help them put their best foot forward.

While we're prepping ourselves for a big 2013, we're also working hard to finish 2012 stronger than ever.

Let's do this!

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