The Secrets to Great Profile Photos

Posted by The Bash on August 20, 2012

How many times have we told you that great Profile photos are absolutely essential to your success on The Bash? Lots of times...and we're about to tell you again! But today we're not just telling you why you need great Profile photos but exactly what makes a great Profile photo.

But maybe we should start with the why. It's pretty simple: photos help prospective clients imagine exactly what it would be like having you at their event. Clients want to make sure you look the part of a talented and well-equipped entertainer or vendor. And, frankly, they want to make sure that you look trustworthy.

So how you do you pull this off? We have a few ideas but ultimately it's up to you to decide what's right for you. Your photos should reflect your unique talent. For example, clowns will want to appear in makeup with some props. String ensembles might want to appear in their formal wear so they look ready to step off the page and onto a stage at a wedding reception.

Either way, here are a couple great photo examples for your approval:

The Pro Shot
If at all possible, you'll want to get a professional photo or at least one that passes for professional. Check out this great shot of Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose (Houston, TX):
Cindi Harwood Rose

This is a particularly cool shot because Cindi is surrounded by her amazing art. It really lets a client know exactly what to expect from Cindi.

Here's another professional-quality photo, this time from Leipers Fork Bluegrass (Nashville, TN):
Leipers Fork

Clearly those suits mean business. Any bluegrass loving client would take one look at these guys and know that they are the real deal.

The Action Shot
If at all possible we recommend having some performance shots of you doing, well, what you do. Even more than staged shots, photos of you at actual events go a long way to helping clients picture you at their event. This can be tough for an amateur photographer, but if you get enough shots, you're bound to have one or two keepers.

Check out classical harpist Eva Murphy (St. Louis, MO) live and in person in this action shot:
Harpist Eva Murphy

The Satisfied Customer Shot
But of course it's not all about you! In fact, it's all about your clients!

Your future clients want to know that your past clients were 100% satisfied with you as a performer/vendor. A photo is a great way to give off this impression.

Here's a photo that's truly worth a thousand words. It's classical guitarist Roger Paull and what looks like a very happy bride and groom (and a pretty decent sunset):
Guitarist Roger Paull

Many of our members provide a service that's just perfect for photos. I'm looking at you face painters! Check out these happy customers of Yonkers, NY's Face Painting is Fun!

Face Painting1face paint

Whatever you do, photos are key to letting potential clients know that you do it well. Professionalism is the word of the day here, folks.

This video should refresh your memory as to how to upload photos. And remember, if you have any trouble with your photos you can contact us and we'll be happy to help you out FOR FREE! There's no additional cost to improve your Profile here at The Bash!


Feeling photogenic? Share your photo tips with us in the comments below! And feel free to link to your Profile!

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