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Posted by Drew Stoga on June 28, 2012

serversEvery few weeks we like to get you, our faithful readers caught up on the latest technology news. Things change pretty quickly these days in the worlds of Internet, social media and technology and we can't let you miss out!

But don't be scared, this column is for techies and technophobes alike. We promise to keep it simple and focus on the news that's related to your career as an entertainer.

So, what's happening this week?

Spotify has been all over the news recently. First came the report that Spotify has become the second largest source of revenue for record labels. They’re behind only iTunes and speculate that they may be able to close the gap in just a few years, though that seems like a long shot.

Spotify also made the news this week by partnering with Yahoo and launching the first round of Spotify Artist Apps which included an interesting group of artists including Quincy Jones, Rancid and Disturbed. So if you like Quincy Jones, Rancid and Disturbed, you're in luck!

Ticketing agencies and sites like TicketMaster, StubHub and Live Nation probably aren’t too happy with comedian Louis CK who has completely cut out the middleman for his upcoming tour. He recently sold 100,000 tickets for $4.5million in 45 hours, all through his own website without the help of any ticket brokers. The best part about it: every single ticket for every show on the tour was sold for exactly $45 with no extra fees or taxes. Hypebot breaks down what this could mean for the music industry.

Another artist making interesting use of new technology is British rock band Blur who are using Twitter to exclusively release new (and old) music. If you’re a Blur fan you can get all excited by watching this video.

It’s not always the artist themselves trailblazing on new technology. A clever video for the John Mayer song Queen of California that recently hit the web was created entirely on the popular Draw Something game. The coolest thing about this story: the video was created by a fan and got Mayer’s stamp of approval via his blog. Watch it here.

Last but not least, if we can get just a little more techy here, the big software news of the week is that Google Chrome is coming to the iPhone and iPad. That’s great news for those of use that love our iProducts but prefer Google’s Chrome web browser.

OK, thanks for letting us nerd out there!

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