Today's Tip: Join GigMasters' LinkedIn Group

Posted by Drew Stoga on June 14, 2012

LinkedIn logoAwhile back we posted our 5 Tips for Entertainers on LinkedIn in order to help you make the most of LinkedIn, a social network very often overlooked by entertainers. One of the best things that LinkedIn has going for it is its' Groups. These are basically message boards for like-minded people in the same industry looking to network and ask questions of one another.

And as it just so happens, we have a GigMasters Group! How about that?

Our group has over 1,500 members and plenty of opinions! You'll find a few GigMasters staffers on there as well as friends of the company, but by and large the group is made up of entertainers of all kinds. Some are active members, others haven't yet signed up but are interested in networking with performers like you.

Just yesterday I posted our recent 'How to Improve your Profile' piece to the discussion group and now I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say. Like Inside the Gig, the GigMasters LinkedIn Group is a good place to get conversations going. And, for the record, we aren't interested in a one-way conversation. We want to hear from you and I'm sure you want to hear from other entertainers. So let's get this party started!


Link up with GigMasters on LinkedIn and don't forget to have a look at our 5 Tips for Entertainers on LinkedIn post.


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