Top 10 Cities to Gig In

Posted by Peter G on May 2, 2012


In a three-year report, we found that these U.S. cities had the most bookings through GigMasters. If you’re a performer looking to hit the road (or relocate entirely), consider these entertainment hot spots.

Cities with the most bookings in 3 years:
1. Houston, TX (1111 bookings)
2. Los Angeles, CA (1025)
3. Chicago, IL (1020)
4. New York, NY (1011)
5. Las Vegas, NV (954)
6. San Diego, CA (864)
7. Dallas, TX (715)
8. Atlanta, GA (713)
9. Washington, DC (708)
10. Philadelphia, PA (627)

Go Texas! Way to get two of your cities in the top 10. In terms of booking percentages, however, we found that midsize cities/towns have better conversion rates (when you divide bookings by gig requests). There were thousands of cities on the initial report, so for this next list below, we narrowed it down to locations with a 100 bookings or more in three years.

Cities with the highest booking conversion rates:
1. Boulder, CO (128 bookings / 437 gig requests) 29.3%
2. Princeton, NJ (123 / 495) 24.8%
3. Greenwich, CT (102 / 419) 24.3%
4. Laguna Beach, CA (141 / 593) 23.8%
5. Newport, RI (216 / 914) 23.6%
6. St. Louis, MO (165 / 702) 23.5%
7. Las Vegas, NV (954 / 4127) 23.1%
8. Santa Monica, CA (154 / 691) 22.3%
9. Arlington, VA (164 / 773) 21.2%
10. Newport Beach, CA (204 / 978) 20.9%

Congrats to Las Vegas for making both lists! I'm guessing that this may have something to do with all of our talented and dependable Elvis Impersonators.

Of course, getting booked depends on many factors, such as your category, city population and demand for entertainment. So just because a city gets a lot of bookings, doesn’t necessarily mean you should pack your bags just yet. You may want to do some reseach first and browse GigMasters to see how well other performers do within your genre. But it is interesting to look at these numbers to get a general sense of where that action is.

If you're a member that's interested in listing in other cities, we do offer additional memberships at half the price. Just login to your control panel, and follow the link that says “50% off additional membership.” Or if you're new to GigMasters, you can view our membership options here.

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