Understanding Search Results

Posted by GigMasters on March 10, 2010

In order to get the most out of your GigMasters membership, it is important that you understand how clients are finding your Profile. To this end, you will find a number of useful tools in your GigMasters Control Panel. The following features may be found by going to the 'tools' tab and clicking the 'View' button for 'Search Statistics:'

Your Current Search Statistics - This section displays a variety of information about the most recent searches in which you have appeared - including: time of search, category, location, placement in search results and, if available, referring website. Since this area is dedicated to the most recent searches you’ll want to check back often to get a more complete picture of which categories are most effective for your membership.

Your Search Statistics - More comprehensive than the last, this section helps you understand how well your category selection as a whole is yielding results. Here you’ll see how often your Profile appeared in search results, per day, for the last seven days. You will also see how many times your Profile was viewed per day for the same seven day period. Depending on what you see here, you might consider adjusting your category selections.

Audio/Video Downloads - This section lets you see often your media files - your Profile audio and video – are being played by clients. If you have audio or video files uploaded to your Profile, this section displays how many times the files have been played in the last seven and thirty days. Included is the time and date of when each file was played.

External Links to your Profile - This area displays a list of websites that link to your GigMasters Profile. Linking to your Profile is a great way to bring more clients to your page to increase your chances of being contacted and hired. Examples of the most common places our members link from are social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook, blogs, or your own personal site. Google recognizes pages with external links as more important than those without, giving you a better chance of a high Google ranking.

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