How to Upload Audio and Video

Posted by Peter G on June 15, 2011

If you're a new member (or you're due for a profile update), we recommend adding audio and video to your page. We have found that members with photos, audio samples, and videos receive up to four times as many leads as performers without media. Simply follow these steps:

- Login to your Control Panel here
- Click the 'profile' tab, then 'Edit' next to 'MP3 Samples and/or Video Samples.'
- Under the file number, select 'click here to upload an MP3 or video.'
- Click the 'Choose File' button, and navigate to the audio or video file on your computer.
- In the 'Audio/Video' title box, type in what you’d like the file to be named on your Profile.
- Click the 'Upload' button to upload the file to your Profile.

If you have difficulty with this, please feel free to email us the file as an attachment and we’ll be more than happy to upload it for you. Or if your video is on YouTube, send us the link and we'll convert it from there.

If you have any questions, contact GigMasters anytime. We also recommend these other video tutorials to help you get more gigs!

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