Video of the Day: The Duo Project

Posted by Peter G on January 25, 2013

If you appreciate jazz, or instrumental acoustic music in general, you'll want to check out this video. Michigan's own David Youngman is creating a buzz with his "fingerstyle" guitar playing. I know you're probably thinking, "Don't all guitarists play with their fingers?" The difference is the way that he creates rhythmic melodies by tapping the fretboard, rather than plucking the strings. It's kinda hard to explain -- easier to watch the video:

The other half of the The Duo Project is saxophonist Derek Brown from Abilene, TX. They have an album and a tour brewing this summer, but in the meantime, Youngman has two profiles with GigMasters if you want to hire him for yourself...

David Youngman
Victor & David - Jazz Duo, Trio

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