Webinar Video: 3 Ways to Get More Gigs

Posted by Peter G on March 29, 2013

GigMasters hosted another live webinar last week and, as promised, we recorded it this time! If you would like to watch the video presentation (and download the PDF slides), visit the webinar archive page here: Webinar Video: 3 Ways to Get More Gigs

free webinar

This webinar was for GigMasters members, however, it's for anyone who is seeking to grow their business for live events: musicians, DJs, magicians, comedians, string ensembles, transportation services, photographers - you name it. In this 30-minute session, you'll learn how GigMasters gets you found and tips on taking your profile to the next level to get more gigs!

Stay tuned to Inside the Gig for future live webinars for members. If you have have any topic ideas, we'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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