How This Tarot Card Reader Sparks a Deep Connection With Event Guests

Posted by Audrey Saavedra on January 17, 2023

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Meet Nicki from Golden Spark Tarot, a new member of The Bash and an expert tarot card reader with over 20 years of experience reading tarot and palms!

Nicki's two decades of tarot reading combined with her 15 years of work in Human Resources give her the ability to leverage mystics and practicality to read and connect with guests, providing them with deep insights. Nicki starts each session by letting her guests know how tarot works and performs all her readings on a 1:1 personal basis. She also provides a recording and photo for each of her guests! We recently caught up with Nicki to learn more about her business, how she connects with her guests, her key to getting booked, and more.

About Golden Spark Tarot & Her Success.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and how you got started!

I have been reading tarot cards and palms for over 20 years.  After transitioning from a career in corporate Human Resources 2 years ago, I decided to take my passion for divination to the next level and commit to creating parties that sparked deeper conversations and inspiration. My intention was to create gatherings that fostered meaningful connections and left guests with ‘a-ha’ moments, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Can you share some details about a recent event?

Over Halloween, I was booked solid with parties.  At a recent party, guests had fun learning which tarot lifetime card they were, before delving into their one-to-one readings. During the one-to-one, guests had tarot note cards to record insights and were offered recordings of their reading, to reflect back on after the event. Guests also had astrology books and oracle cards to spark conversations, while they weren’t in a reading. I enjoy keeping everyone engaged, even when they aren’t in their individual reading.

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What is your key to getting booked for events?

Quick responses are key, with clarity in pricing, time expectations, and party flow. I tailor the event to what the host wants to experience—some enjoy an easy-going reading flow, while others like using my Google scheduling document to ensure everyone gets a reading, accommodating guests who may need to leave early.

What is your key to making clients happy?

Consistent communication before the event and during the event to ensure expectations are being met. I also bring humor and lightheartedness to the event.  At times, guests can be intimidated by tarot or palm readings, my goal is to ensure everyone is comfortable and excited about what they can do with their insights.

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What is your #1 tip for other vendors looking to get booked?

Shine your unique light and commit to everyone leaving with memories of a great party, sticking out in their mind for years!



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